Sep 30

Drug Addiction and the Impact on Your Family

You may think of your problems with drugs and addiction as things that only impact you. Perhaps they cause you to spend more of your money than you can afford on drugs, so you do not have as much money to travel or do the other things that you would like to do. Perhaps your addiction is so bad that you cannot manage to hold down a job, so you cannot pursue the career that you have always wanted. These things do impact your life, to be sure, but you are not the only one who will be negatively influenced by addiction.
The truth is that your family may be hurt as badly as you ever would; they may even be hurt to a greater extent than you are personally. These are the people who are closest to you, who share in your life. Your family may include your husband or your wife. It may even include young children who are growing up in an environment that is not conducive positive development. Even if your family just consists of you and your parents, though, you have to realize that your actions are going to change their lives as well. You are responsible for these things, and you cannot forget that.
For example, perhaps you are not able to get a job because you are so addicted that you cannot think about anything else. This will not just ruin your own life and keep you from a promising career. It will also ruin the lives of those who live with you. Your spouse may have to work two jobs to make ends meet. The home where your children live may fall into disrepair because you do not have the money that is required for upkeep and maintenance. Your lack of a job will keep them from the life that they want to live as well.
Another example would be how the drug addiction could sap your savings and take all of your money so that you can have enough drugs to be satisfied. This means that the money that your family has cannot be used for the things that they deserve. They may not be able to get the food that they need or a home that is large enough for them all to live in comfort. You all may have to go without health insurance because it is too expensive for your budget, putting your children into a difficult situation if they are hurt or if they become ill.
Overall, it is very important to think about all of the ramifications of your actions so that you know that drug addiction extends beyond the person who is using the drugs. Your decision to get help is not something that you should make for yourself. You need to make it for your family and for those around you. It is a decision that you need to make because you want to do everything that is in your power to help the people that you love.