Sep 19

Getting Ready to Move to NC

Right now I am working nights at a place called Toronto platinum party bus, but I am getting ready to move to Raleigh so that I can start graduate school at NC State University. Right now I am trying to figure out how to be able to afford it without having to work a full time job. Of course you want to have a nice place to live and you need to be able to afford to feed and clothe yourself. I need an apartment which is not going to be that easy to find, because I need for it to be relatively cheap. The easy way to find a cheap place is not living alone though. Ideally what you would need to get is a rental house that is big enough for five guys to live in. That way you can have five guys splitting up the cost of the rent, the cable TV and the internet. If I was living alone I would probably have to just do without cable TV, it simply would cost too much.

Obviously if I am paying the whole bill I am lot more likely to opt for the cheapest kind of internet that is available, probably the sort of DSL that they sell to old folks. That is not going to be much of a connection in reality, but if you are splitting the cost five ways then you could just get the best internet that is available, one of those fiber optic connections. It is probably going to cost you a hundred dollars per month to get the very best fiber optic package available, but if you split it up five ways that is only twenty dollars a month. You obviously would pay that much for the worst DSL that you could find too, so it would be about the same out of your pocket. The problem is finding four other guys who are going to play by the rules.