Nov 22

The Benefits of Choosing Baltimore Luxury Apartments over the Standard Fare

When we went shopping for a better place to live, we looked at Baltimore luxury apartments. I did not want all of the problems that come with standard apartments. We both wanted a bigger space. You can only get a big space that lets you not feel cramped if you get a loft apartment. There is something freeing about living on the upper floor in a big space that has an industrial size but home appeal and feel. I really like tall ceilings. I could actually touch the ceilings in our old apartment. I felt cramped in there. Neither one of us could bear to be cooped up in it for too long. We always made excuses to get out. We would argue over whose turn it was to take the dog out to the point both of us would go. Not because we wanted to stay in but because we wanted to get out.

Now we have been in our loft for a few months. The big space is not cramped. There is no cabin fever feel after being home a lot for a few days or even a few weeks. Nice views and big open spaces are freeing. They also increase your creativity. I can see why the loft is so popular among artists. If I had known about this place, I would have brought my wife here years ago so we could lease a place. We are very happy in it.

We have real granite countertops in a fully decked out kitchen. All of the appliances are new. Everything is impeccably clean and the whole building is very well maintained. They have nice outdoor spaces to walk the dog too. The fitness and yoga center is huge. Plenty of room to work out or do yoga without being so close to the next person you feel uncomfortable. No claustrophobia here!